Winner of Best Card Game at UK Games Expo 2023

Ready to Raid?

Viking Raiders is a quick, fun and easy-to-learn card game for 2-5 players (age 9+) brimming with action, strategy and mayhem.

You are a Viking chief, competing to get the biggest Navy, the largest Clan and the most Loot.

With loads of raiding, plundering and interference from the Norse Gods, you will feel totally Vikingy from the first draw until long after the final backstabbing and bloodthirsty move.

And let’s face it, who doesn’t want to be a Viking for 45 minutes?

What’s in the box?


Become a Viking for 45-60 minutes and jostle with your family or friends to become the ultimate Viking Chief with the largest Navy, the biggest Clan, and the most Loot!


Collect resources

Buy stuff from the Market

Do bad things to each other!


Quick to learn, easy to set up, and hard to stay calm.

You will soon be competing for the best cards, raiding each other with a passion, and invoking favours from the Norse Gods in your quest for victory … and revenge.

Example set-up

Will the gods be with you?

You have control, but so do the Norse gods. Will you be lucky enough to be granted a favour at the right time?

Videoreview – Jenders Gaming

The mega-charming Swedish reviewer Richard Jender gives a really clear walkthrough of the game with super energy. You’ll see some great close-ups showing the gorgeous quality of the cards and the artwork.

Videoreview – eNVy Boardgaming

 Nick and Vik from Chicago had a blast playing the game with each other and with some of their friends.

Other reviews

From our playtesters

“The travel friendly size is a big plus and the unpredictability makes the game fun to play multiple times.”

“Good fun, a lot of player interaction. The best thing was the changing of who was in front.”

“The best thing about the gameplay was … we liked everything!!!”

“We were very impressed by the game and our friends (who are more experienced in boardgames) were also and ready to purchase the game right away.”

“The Ragnarok is soooooooooooo ANNOYING I WAS ABOUT TO WINNNNNNN I think you should tone it down a bit.”

“I really enjoyed the game and I was extremely surprised as most card games we have aren’t very fun or complex.”

The Developer

Morten has a lifetime of creativity behind him, and has a passion for simple family games like Settlers of Catan, Ticket to Ride, 7 Wonders and Dominion. As an experienced project manager and digital learning designer, he is now using his skills to bring Viking Raiders from the depths of his Nordic mind to the surface of your tabletop. 

His vision was to create a gateway game which bridges the gap from games like Uno and Exploding Kittens to more complex games like Magic the Gathering and Dominion. The game has a high level of interaction, plenty of ‘gotcha’ moments and some interesting decision making without being difficult to learn or play. And most importantly, we want you to feel like a Viking Chief from the moment you start to the bloodthirsty finish!  

He wanted to keep the game bright and visually appealling, whilst staying as true to Viking history and Norse Mythology as possible.

And yes, Ragnarok really feels like Ragnarok!


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